Открыть в Яндекс-картах
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Asanisimasa, 21 ноября 2014

Mmm as the name advise use the place just for some road drinks or as terrace the food is not the best in the area I recommend even avoid it, besides is a good place to have conversations with siblings

Jente, 21 июня 2016

We went to the Ostrovok.its wonderful and cozy place!Cafe had a birthday and we celebrated together with all! it was crowded, but we were served quickly and the waiter gave as a gift a glass of Aperol

Nikol, 21 сентября 2017

Pasta with shrimps is super. I also recommend a burger and fish soup

Nikol, 13 октября 2017

This place has large portions, and good serving. Waiters are polite and smiling. Here is very nice

Venesuella, 12 февраля 2018

Its very beautiful places with tasty food! Its my recomendation for gourmet