Conor Mac Nessa

Открыть в Яндекс-картах
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Artur, 27 февраля 2012

Good location but an absolute shithole inside. Crappy beer, dirty food, rude security guards, no light in the toilet and no English TV. You can watch footie with sound only if ur lucky enough.Disgrace

Tanya, 30 июля 2013

The Pub. Guinness

Vlad, 9 ноября 2014

Awesome bar! Best time to visit is Friday and Saturday nights when musicians play, usually something rocky. But one should book in advance!

Andreas, 29 ноября 2015

Superb food, great beer, ok security. A bit crowdy, but thats a good bar, so should be.

Gin, 15 апреля 2016

My favourite Irish pub in Moscow!