Goodman на Киевской

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«Goodman» на Киевской – один из ресторанов сети в Москве. «Goodman» – это стейк-хаус, основа меню которого – стейки и блюда из мяса, которое специально поставляется из Австралии.

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Andris, 31 марта 2013

Everything was good except for service and steak

Hatice, 24 апреля 2014

you should definetly order bread and butter with your meal here. I have tested the best bread and butter duo here. Their food is delicious. And they are very kind. I highly recommend this place.

Johnny, 3 июня 2015

Very high quality steaks. Make sure you order a few sides with them as they are served on their own. Recommended for business dinners.

Kornelija, 20 июля 2016

The food is lovely, some even gourmet. Service is sophisticated, the waiters help you choose and explain about the meals.