Buddha-Bar Moscow

Ресторан закрыт
Открыть в Яндекс-картах

«Buddha-Bar Moscow» – ресторан паназиатской кухни. В меню представлены традиционные блюда кухонь Индии, Пакистана, Китая, Таиланда, Японии. Общая вместимость «Buddha-Bar Moscow» – 600 мест. Для любителей караоке ресторан предлагает отдельный зал.

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Фото Комментарии
Alice, 17 августа 2013

Recommend place to visit, very beautiful interior, perfect atmosphere for relax. Also food and drinks are very good

David, 14 сентября 2013

Wow! Somebody must have read my previous review. Atmosphere excellent and cool crowd. Funny to see small army of bouncers and hostesses outside the entrance.

Maria, 6 апреля 2016

Amazing trendy place. My favorite in the city. Beautiful design and tasty food. Nice shisha as well. Cheaper then Buddha bars around the world.

Vava, 7 августа 2016

Cozy and trendy. Perfect for any occasion. Such a good cocktail selection. One of my favorite places in town. Make sure u got an outdoors spot at the 4th floor. Love their music!

Luis, 2 марта 2017

A place for chilling in different areas. I prefer the 2nd floor or 4th (in summer). Light is too dim thou. Cocktails pricey but ok. Then, you need to move to another location, not much dancing here.